Photos for your Business

People judge a business by the images they see on the internet, and having great photography of your business will put you way ahead of your behind-the-curve competitors.   Having good imagery is not only critical to winning new customers, it is also a critical step in building your brand identity both on and offline.

Mandeville Animal Hospital

Mandeville Animal Hospital

But not every business has the budget to hire a professional photographer to come take pictures of their business or have no idea how to even find one, and some businesses don’t know what images to take, especially if they are service based and aren’t selling physical goods.  But here’s the thing: Every business needs at least 5 great images of their business no matter what business you are in.

This is where we come in.  We not only know exactly what types of images you consumers want to see, but we also can provide them in a way that you can actually afford.

Lowe's Jewelers

Lowe’s Jewelers

How do we do it?

First, we discuss the type on images you need of your business.  Don’t have a clue?  Leave it to us!  We know exactly the sort of images that the public wants to see and can choose the best shot list for your business.  Here’s a few examples of the things that you consumer wants to see that will help them choose your business over your competitor:

  • Your Storefront
  • Your Interior from Multiple Angles
  • Your Products/Goods/Services
  • You and your Staff

Next, we will send a photographer out to your business to capture the images that will make you look awesome.  Our photographers are experts at finding ways to make your business look enticing, and they will shoot as many images as they can to give you a whole bunch of photos to choose from.


The Dakota

I know, I know.  But how much does this shoot cost?  Well that’s the best part – We don’t charge by the hour or job as most photographers do, so a shoot costs nothing up front.  $0.   Nada.   After the shoot is done we’ll put all the pictures on a private page for you to see and you can pick and choose which ones you want to use.  You only pay for the images you want, and that’s it.  We love this system because it puts you squarely in control of the budget of the shoot without taking any risk, and we don’t feel constrained by a ‘charge by the hour’ system that makes no sense for business photography.

So how much per image I choose?  Glad you asked.  Typically, photos incur lots of fees depending on how you want to use them.  On your website?  On a magazine?  Brochure?  Each seperate image usage will cause an extra fee, and they can be in the thousands.  We hate this system, and what you to get as much use out of our images as you can.  Therefore, when you buy an images from us, it is unlimited usage and unlimited duration for a flat fee.   Boom.

Here is our pricing schedule:

First image you choose: $300

Additional image you choose: $250

That’s all.

Pretty simple, eh?  Give us a call, let’s schedule a shoot.


Scotts Coffee Bar