Client Reviews

People’s time is valuable.  The virtual tour allows multiple clients to preview our space at their leisure.  The tour paid for itself very quickly.”

-Craig Adams, NOLA Spaces

“J.R. made understanding the technical parts easy.”

Cassady Cooper, I.J.Reilly’s Knick Knacks & Curiosities 

“It is great to be able to give people a complete and detailed view of all of our inventory.”

-Phyllis Jordan, The Green Project

 “In a high end retail business like mine, having a virtual tour attached to my Google search is paramount to any other internet-related decision. To ensure that I get people in my store after searching for me online, the virtual tour is a must. People are naturally extremely visual and considering that I am in the interior design and home furnishing business, doing the virtual tour was a no brainer.”

-Tim Dicerbo, The French Mix